Our Approach to Interim Healthcare Management

For every healthcare organization the most important goal is to ensure the best possible results for a patient’s care, which is always at the forefront of our placements. HCT prides itself on having seasoned executives who are trained as both leaders and mentors who can jump in immediately and assist a facility with their specific needs and challenges. Each executive has been fully vetted and in most cases have been working with HCT specifically on multiple engagements prior to placement.

Typical Time Line and Process for Interim Management

  • Define position specifics
  • Provide candidate profiles within 48 hours
  • Start onboarding process within 24 hours of selecting a candidate
  • Interim executive begins within 1-2 weeks of initial interview
  • Follow-up with client and candidate within 1 weeks of start

Define Position Specifics

Our first step is to understand the culture and environment of the organization and community it is serving through conversations with the Human Resources department and hiring manager. We want to intimately understand the facilities “wish list” for ideal interim executive. We try and have this call as soon as possible to ensure a rapid turnaround for the client. Once we understand the position’s scope and responsibilities, reporting relationships and the profile of the desired executive we can begin the internal recruitment process immediately. This step is often completed the same day a request is made.

Provide Candidate Profiles

HCT does not require a signed contract to review profiles. It is our belief that we should be engaged once a facility has chosen a candidate. We believe it is our responsibility to provide stellar candidates for a facility to review, interview and engage. Our goal is to provide 1-2 suitable candidates within 48 hours.

Onboarding Process

Every HCT employee undergoes updated background checks, screens and verifications prior to every engagement. A detailed packet will be sent by our office to the facility in advance of the interim’s start date. If there are specific facility requirements, they will be included as well.

Interim Executive Begins

HCT’s goal is to have the chosen interim executive start as soon as possible and match the facilities desired timetable. Therefore a rapid turnaround is critical. Often the time table is 1-2 weeks post interview for the project to commence but we have seen projects begin in shorter periods based on client’s specific needs. HCT wishes to tailor each agreement to meet the facilities’ specific requirements.

Follow up with client and candidate

Our process doesn’t end with an interim starting at a facility. We maintain weekly contact with our employees and review action plans and status reports on a weekly basis. We typically like to check in with the client monthly during an engagement to ensure symmetry with goals and performance. If possible, we also try to have one in-person meeting with the facility at no expense to the Facility. We believe maintaining direct communication with the client will ensure expectations are met and results will be achieved.